July 4, 2019

The 13th Annual
Firecracker Wiener Nationals
Rockaway Beach, OR

Races 1pm
Registration 12pm-1pm

Free to Attend


Races are held at
Sea View City Park



For more than a decade, we've raced wiener dogs to answer that very question. High on excitement, low on height, the Firecracker Wiener Nationals may be the most fun you have all year.

So if you're in Rockaway Beach, Oregon for the July 4th Parade or some of the Best Fireworks in the country, be sure to stop by the Firecracker Wiener Nationals.


That's right. The money goes in the bucket. The Firecracker Wiener Nationals are a fundraiser for the TIllamook Animal Shelter. All proceeds from every Firecracker Wiener National go towards supporting their vital work.

If you can't make the race or came a previous year and couldn't give, you can still help the Tillamook Animal Shelter.

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Wanna race?

That's Great! You can't have a dog race without dogs.


Wiener Dogs

It's simple. You just have to show up at the races from Noon to 1pm and Register your dog at the Registration Tent.

Please help us get started on time by registering as close to Noon as you can. 

After that, your dog will be assigned a heat in our tournament. Then it's up to your dog's giant heart and his tiny little legs.

We'll keep racing until one dog is crowned the Firecracker Grand Champion.

There is a suggested donation of $5 for race registration.

Non-Wiener Dogs

We don't do a tournament for non-wieners. But bring your drag basset or nitro-powered labrador to compete in one of our "All Dog" races. It's just for fun, but the sight of a dozen yorkies barelling toward the finish line is its own reward.

Other than that, the process is the same. Register at the Registration Tent on the day of the event. Registration is open from Noon to 1pm.

There is a suggested donation of $5 for race registration.

The Rules

Our first priority is fun, and our other first priority is raising money for a good cause. But a sense of fair play goes a long way toward everyone having a great afternoon. With that in mind, we just have a few simple rules.

  1. Have fun.
  2. Don't ruin anyone else's fun.
  3. Nothing on or over the course except the dogs themselves.

    That means no running alongside, throwing treats or toys, or creating a trail of bacon bits.
  4. If it looks like a dachshund, it's a dachshund.

    If your dog looks like a short german shepherd or a dachshund with a pug face, we will gladly register you in the all breed race. That being said, please let us pet your dachshund with a pug face.
  5. Dogs may be tossed at the starting line, but they must touch the course at least once before the finish line.

    No "full court" dog tossing.
  6. When in doubt, talk to us.

     If something happens that makes the event less than fun, tell the emcees as soon as possible. We'll try our best to make it right.


Contact Us

We want to hear from you. Got Questions? We'll try our best to answer them.

Have you attended a previous event and have feedback? We'd love to hear it. We are a small group of dedicated volunteers putting on what we hope is fun event. But we're always looking to improve.

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